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Vesneth can usually be seen wearing her armor during her missions or even when in public as none managed to take her helmet of her face without perishing, Though she would also wear a type of ninja-like clothes that would reveal most of her face and hair which if her mission has a objective regarding stealth type tactics.

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As of present little is known about Vesneth nor her past as she hides her true identity, Though most know her as a ruthless, merciless and brutal warrior that gets any dirty job done when it involves the right amount of money.

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Vesneth retained her cold personality and blood thirsty nature taking no captives during her missions (Which was mostly elimination) be it Man, Women, Children or elderly she would enjoy killing them one by one. Being born during the age of Dragons (Acno) she has vast knowledge about the past and on how to live effectively as an dragon while also disguising as a human. She masks her true identity in the name of Vesneth as she would change her name every hundred years.

Abilities and Spells Edit

Dispel Magic: Dispel Magic allows its users to remove spells from their afflicted target, essentially making it a foil to Nullification Magic. However, unlike the aforementioned magic, Dispel allows the user to directly affect another person while casting a spell, Caster or Holder in nature, thus preventing a spell from even being cast, eliminating the possibility of damage to themselves.

The casting process of Dispel Magic takes fine precision to perform, needing the Caster of the magic to be of both a sound mind and soul, capable of matching their opponent in terms of both for it to be enacted. By fueling their magic with the incredible will to take away what was created and mirroring the magic energy within the spell they wish to take away, Dispel will smother the opposing magic and return it to the standard eternano and Magic Origin counterparts, thus disassembling whatever spell was cast. Therefore, Takeover and Requip spells, which are normally unaffected by forms of cancellation magics, can be annulled by a user of Dispel Magic, as the altered state of being, dress, or weaponry will be returned to the natural state as the magic that altered them in the first place no longer exists. This can even allow the user to completely block their opposition from casting altogether by surrounding them in a blanket of Dispel Magic, continuously breaking down magic that it comes into contact with. It's considered to be one of the bane's of mages everywhere, capable of affecting everything and anything, making it an extremely powerful asset in the right hands.

This Magic's weakness lies within its dependence on the user's ability to match another's will and magic power, thus making inexperienced mages less likely to succeed in casting it effectively. Those who are weak-willed or with a low Magic Origin can very rarely utilize this magic effectively against others.

-Shield (盾, Tate): The user focuses their Magic Energy in a definite spot in front of them, generating a hyper-dense area of Dispel Magic. Novices take longer, but the average creation time for a skilled user is less than two seconds. The shield can take various two-dimensional forms, generally becoming a circle or rectangle. It can withstand attacks of great magnitude depending on the Magic poured into it, as well as physical attacks, its corporeal form allowing it to tank significant strikes from weapons, fists, or legs. When Magic attacks are launched at the shield, rather than deflecting it like a normal shield might, a Dispel Shield sucks it in and burns it up, preventing backlash from hitting allies or the user of the shield. The shield is self-sustaining mostly, using the Magic released by spells it destroys to keep it going, though, this effect is after the fact, and if a particularly strong magical attack hits it, it could easily be destroyed before it can fully diminish it.

-Dome (円蓋, Engai): The user generates a field of Magic Energy around themselves, filling the space with particles of Dispel Magic. The resulting dome can be anywhere from ten to fifty feet in diameter and moves outwards from the caster, making them the center no matter where they move to. The particles within the dome continuously bombard and seek out other Magic, similar to a magnet, destroying whatever it comes into contact with, effectively preventing them from casting Magic with any lasting effects. As long as something is within the dome, Magic use becomes impossible, leaving those inside to duke it out through melee combat. The dome is not physical, allowing people to enter and exit as they please, however, spells generated outside, cannot enter, making a defense if somebody decides to try and cheat the system.

-Armor (鎧, Yoroi): The user surrounds themselves in a layer of Dispel Magic, resting roughly an inch above their skin. While called an armor, it acts more similar to a second skin, adding defense but not drastically increasing it to the point of invulnerability as far as physical attacks go. On the magical side of things, however, most attacks can do little to nothing as long as the spell is active, simply being absorbed and dissipated upon contact. While its defensive capabilities are probably nothing to brag about, especially when compared to the Mages who can tank building-destroying attacks without any protection at all, the armor will protect against attacks of moderate strength, absorbing some of the damage to help the Mage stand to go for another attack of their own.

-Surround (囲繞, Inyō): The user focuses their Magic Energy on a specific point, typically another Mage or a Magical Item, and surrounds it. This turns into a blanket of Dispel Magic, which prevents things within its bounds from generating Magic of any kind on the surface level. This renders Magical Items like weaponry and wands useless in terms of their Magical Abilities, and in the case of Mages, limits them to physical combat. The spell is noted to be incredibly resilient and specific, not transferring to another thing or being shaken despite attempts to escape. Despite this, Mages may still use internal Magics like High Speed, though, like stated, they still cannot escape the bounds of the spell.

-Beam (光線, Kōsen): The user channels their Magic Energy into either or both of their hands, creating a build-up of Dispel Magic as it reacts with the ambient ethernano. They then release it in a concentrated beam, plowing through anything in its path with terrific blunt force. It breaks down almost anything made of Magic, breaking through Magic defenses like Magic Barrier with incredible ease, as well as destroying incoming magical attacks. In addition, it can rend some high-quality metals, including some steel and titanium alloys, breaking softer materials like wood and minor bones. The beam can be directed after being fired, allowing the user the freedom to pursue evading targets, but it behaves like a rod, rather than a whip, and is not flexible. The user can channel this spell through a variety of weaponry given its ability to do such things as well.

Dragonar Mode: Dragonar Mode is one of the very few powers related to Dragons that was developed after the Human-Dragon War; more specifically, as most Dragons had utilized Compact Regression to hide themselves amongst mankind, Dragonar Mode was developed in order to compensate for the drastic reduction of power while making sure that onlookers would not find out their origins as a dragon. It was hinted that Dragonar Mode was specifically developed in an attempt to mimic the overwhelming power of the Soul Armours, though Soul Armour Knights aside from the Phoenix Knight were a rare sight during those days. Even in an age without dragons due to all of them being supposedly slaughtered by the world famous unicyclist known as "Badass McPowerfist" (who is simply known to be a myth and there is no factual evidence of his existence), Dragonar Mode is still around, albeit technically "lost"; as almost no Dragons are shown to activate its power in the current time, being known as a "mere myth". Dragonar Mode is also referred to as the "Strongest Dragon Transformation" (最強の龍変身, Saikyō no Ryū Henshin); this is best shown in Charlotte Merquise, who, with Dragonar Mode, becomes an azure dragon form known as Blazer Dragoon- she was capable of defeating the Black Dragon Nidhoggr with help from Tsuruko Sejren; whereas previously the Black Dragon had killed thousands of other dragons during the Dragon Civil War

Essentially, Dragonar Mode is available to a Dragon who used Compact Regression and with the help of an outside source of power; it drags out their true form and compresses it into an armour to enable them to use their full power without transforming into an unwieldy full-body dragon form; in this form, the user is known as a Draconic Fighter (, Dorakonikku Faitā lit. Dragon-Man Form). However, it requires truly staggering amounts of energy gain, whether magical or metaphysical in nature, taking a small portion of the user's life force with every utilization of the Ancient Spell. Normal dragons are capable of activating Dragonar Mode by will, as long as they allow the form to consume a small portion of their life. However, in rare cases, it is available to a being with the blood of dragons—by raising their "fighting spirit" to its utmost limit (or something like that; the process is ill-defined), a half-dragon is capable of assuming a humanoid dragon form that bears a striking likeness to their dragon parent. However, this form is considered to be "flawed" and is only half as strong as a Dragonar Mode induced by a full-blooded dragon. However, this form is extremely taxing to the point that it can only last five minutes initially even with support, but with proper training, it can be maintained for longer periods of time.

-Enhanced Physical Prowess: When in Dragonar Mode, the user's parameters take a sky-high jump; because, with a simple swing of their arm, the user is capable of manifesting a violent tremor that obliterates the ground it comes into contact with and knock their foes away; in addition, their blows are positively overwhelming and can be bone-shattering. Their endurance has been upped significantly; enabling the user to receive damage like it was nothing and ignore all senses of pain—though it should be noted that this varies on the factor of how powerful the blow is. Finally, the user's swiftness is augmented to the point that they forgo any need for speed-enhancing spells, enabling them to outmaneuver everyone and anyone with ease, to the point of being able to move at what some say is the speed of sound, though this honestly can't be proven. Overall, in many cases, it returns the user to how they once were in their prime.

-Elemental Boost: A feature of Dragonar Mode is that the user's elemental powers that come part and parcel of being a Dragon have also been enhanced, allowing them to consume any elemental magic, even if it comes from another Lost Magic or even a measly Slayer Magic. The armour of Dragonar Mode automatically and unconsciously draws in elemental energy of the user's attuned power with every second that it is active, effectively rendering elemental magicians useless; in addition, it also absorbs natural sources of their element—for example, if Leviathan were to obtain a Dragonar Mode, then she would slowly but surely absorb a body of water if she were near it. Indeed, the user's attuned elemental magic is enhanced to the point that they can affect things that are normally considered impossible, as Mr. E's Blaze Holy Flare was capable of setting the sky alight during his fight with Rosa Dimaggio and Tsuruko Sejren during Dragon Drama.

-Drago Aura (, Dorago Ōra lit. Dragon Phantasm Manifestation): A special ability of Dragonar Mode is that the user is capable of manifesting parts of their old full-body dragon form upon chosen parts of their body at will, simply by mental command. This allows the user to harness a portion of their old body's power for a single attack. While the forms of the attachments vary, the Drago Skull (ドラゴ・スカル, Dorago Sukaru) summons the dragon's head for a beam attack or a vicious bite, the Drago Tail (ドラゴ・テイル, Dorago Teiru) manifests the dragon's tail to grab an opponent or to smash them, the Drago Wings (ドラゴ・ウィング, Dorago Uingu) enables flight, and the Drago Claws (ドラゴ・クロー, Dorago Kurō) drastically enhance the user's power in close combat. Not only do these attachments boost the user's offensive power, they project an aura of the user's original dragon form outwards to attack one more time- while not as powerful as the initial strike, it can catch foes offguard. The aura of their dragon form can come alive and bite down on anything when the user wills it to, and it can extend itself for a few feet to chomp on a hapless and most likely taken-back foe.

Sword Magic: Sword Magic is easily one of the most common Holder Magics across Ishgar, giving the users the ability to apply magical properties to swords. It is quite versatile in its own right, with a number of applications. Most commonly, users are shown to possess the ability to telekinetically manipulate their swords, imbue elements into their blade or use magic power to form incredible combinations of strikes to combat their foes. The fundamental invocation of Sword Magic requires the caster to exert their magic power into or around the sword, this gives them the ability to inflict such changes as telekinetic movement, change in size, elemental imbuement and general energy-based amplification. Sword Magic is an immensely vast magic, with numerous possibilities mages are capable of exploring. Much like most magic, the limits to Sword Magic are only bound by their imagination and their usage of the weapon itself.

  • Sword Beam (, Sōdo Bīmu; lit. "Magical Power Sword Wave"): Sword Beam is one of the most basic and highly used spells of Sword Magic. The user channels their magic power into their blade, condensing and empowering it until a chosen moment in which, with the swing of their blade, they unleash a torrent or beam of energy towards their foe. This beam travels at high speeds, with a homing quality to track down their target, inflicting great damage to them in accordance with the power imbued in the blade. Sword Beam is one of the easiest spells to learn and can be cast with varying levels of magic power for varying levels of damage and effect, making it an effective addition to any mage's arsenal.
  • Spellblade (, Superuburēdo lit. Magic Infusion Sword): Spellblade is one of the most recognizable applications of Sword Magic, giving the caster the ability to fuse their magic power into the blade, enhancing it's cutting power and with enough practice, additionally imbuing it with an elemental effect. To use Spellblade, the user must channel their magic power into the blade, coating it with a layer of magical energy, whose color corresponds to their aura. This drastically increases the cutting power of their blade, making it easier to take on their foes. As previously stated, this is the base ability of Spellblade, and gifted users are also capable of transforming the energy around their blade into an element. This leads to great effects such as flame swords, lightning blades, and more. By imbuing their sword with an element, the caster is additionally capable of casting some elemental spells through the blade for extended versatility.
  • Shatterguard(備壊攻撃, Shubikowasu Kougeki lit. Defense Breaking Strike): Shatterguard is a basic yet excellent spell of Sword Magic that is most commonly used to combat other swordsmen, though can also be used as a plain attack or defensive maneuver. The user channels magic power into their blade, positioning it so the entirety of the blade is forward, Then they charge forward, as energy forms in eight lines around the blade, wrapping into a blunt battering ram of sorts. By clashing their blade against their foes, they illicit incredible force, knocking them back and shattering through their defense. This spell can also be used offensively, as one of the few blunt usages of Sword Magic, knocking opponents to the ground without the need to slice them open. It can also be used defensively as a shield, the blade meeting a counter-opposing attack to effectively tank it if it is in a similar range of power.

Skills, Racial Powers/ Passives Edit

Resonance: A revenge type mental possession. When killed by anyone, they are then possessed, thus livening up to her Alias as Nightmare or Undying. This is essentially a form of essence transfer, but interestingly enough the victim is not immediately taken over. Instead, they will have a time when they retain control of themselves. This will not last though as they will inevitably have the Resonance awakened within them, resulting in the loss of mental resistance and thus allowing the Vesneth to take over completely. Although not explicitly stated, it is also likely that some element of the possessed individual remains even after Vesneth has become dominant, Whenever the individual faces a reflection of himself/herself the reflection through a mirror or other forms of reflectors that he/she would be seeing is Vesneth herself. Symptoms of having resonance would be extreme Paranoia, Nausea, Blood Vomiting, Uncontrollable magic, Blood shotted eyes and ultimately mental,spiritual and physical breakdown.

Master Spellblade-Anti Mage Combatant: Vesneth is also highly skilled in Sword combat, combining physical combat skills with her Abilities and spells, Vesneth can easily overwhelm through mages and warriors alike with ease.

Master Strategist: Vesneth is a technique type fighter that polishes and masters all of her abilities and skills. Whenever she fights, however she prefers to toy with lesser warriors and high mages before finishing them off in a blood splattering manner.

Grasp of Domination: A form of absorbing the energies and ethernano in her vicinity to replenish her own or heal herself, This is a advantage during combat as most of her spells cost a lot of magical energy, By absorbing the energy and ethernano around her it would also weaken anyone within the area be it friend or foe.

Equipment Edit

Semiramis: This greatsword is a blade with the ability to increase its "maginitude", or, more accurately, weight. Doing this increases the relative power of the blade's physical strikes on an opponent. Located on the hilt of the blade, under the guard, is a dial which has a "heavy" and "light" setting, flipping the dial in either direction allows Vesneth, or any other user, to alter the blade's weight, heavier for increased power, lighter for ease of use. at 500x of its original weight, simply throwing the blade is enough to completely destroy a small shack, However at 1000x and higher it's another story as none managed to live after getting hit by this blade moreover this sword also gives the user 2 special spells which can only be used.

-Incineration: Transforms Semiramis into a grotesque and unsightly form, red lightning flickers through the surroundings as it is clad in her wanton hatred.[ Upon raising the sword, she releases the blood radiance upon the enemy as a flash of light, a surging wave with the simple purpose of destruction. It releases a straight line of crimson lightning from the tip of her sword, destroying all in its path. Utilizing it takes a great deal of energy, giving her intense pain throughout her body, but her grasp of domination would be able to compensate for it's cost as long as there are energies and ethernano around.

-Executioner's Dance: Transforms semiramis into it's Brutal form, Serrated blade with flickering crimson lightning through the surroundings, Wearing down her foes in blood as they would take increased damage with every consecutive hit from Azalea and due to it's serrated form bleedout of her target is inevitable resulting to fatal injuries or even death.

Tome of Necromancy: This sorcery book can be utilized in order to raise or summon the undead, One of the foulest weapons of war that can even annihilate whole towns when it has fallen into the wrong hands, Though the tome itself requires a highly skilled magic user in order to compensate the huge cost for summoning high tiered undead.