"The Concept of good and evil is complicated, It depends in which side you're on"

Sirius, The ruler of Ascalon also known as the FALCON as they refer to themselves, and the daughter of Azalea and Lertajo, Through her heirarchy she is powerful beyond mortal reckoning, a being who has lived for no more than a few months,

Background Edit

An enigma to the realms of the spirits,Gods,Demons as well as the mortal territories of man, Sirius belongs to neither. Within her exists an unbreakable vow of mission and honor. She is depicted by both sides as someone to be feared. immovable. constant. and answers to nothing but her purpose.

A being that considers the concept of "age" meaningless, as she received from her parents all necessary knowledge and reasoning at the moment of birth. The maturing of her body into the adult stage does not take years like humans as it takes only a few weeks to fully mature. Wielding her weapons and doctrines - the symbol of her duty, as well as her connection with other realms - Sirius roams both Verses, unerringly drawn to any place where one side threatens to overwhelm the other.