The Realm of Athasia, commonly referred as Avallone, Is the realm of Azalea, It has several provinces namely Kazak, Mezrom, Citadel, Elisia, Kar-haran, Novgronza, Haestum, Vatzum isles, Ganeth, and Morkrandur.

History Edit

Avallone formerly known as Frazgan began with an expansion of both humanoid and non-humaoid peoples, with varying degrees of conflict and accommodation. The Black Guards were particularly warlike originating from the Citadel leaded by the Dragon Lord belphegor, conquering not only Elisia,Kar-haran but areas of Novgronza and Haestum as well. The First Empire of the humans ultimately falls to a combined force of black guards and wyverns, but in time they turn against each other, resulting in conflicts on which will gain more land and the ascendancy within the inner authorities.

The apparently cordial relations between the Citadel and it's other neighboring provinces ultimately breaks down, and several influential person leads a slave revolt to liberate men in the province, The latter of which was to serve as a symbol of Imperial power for most of Avallone's history. After a period of relative stability, this empire eradicates the remaining rebels under the direction of the Iron Order. The order itself fell during the War which wiped out both the Order and the Empire.

The Second Empire was founded when the Dragon Lords unified the provinces to stand united or be dominated. Victory in this political battle brought both the Dragon lords and the dreadlords to Rise. The Dragon lords and their allies then went on to conquer all of Avallone in order to achieve peace within the realm, founding the Second Empire, which some call a dark age. When The Dragon Lords began dividing the provinces and declaring that with this a new nation will rise and Citadel will be it's capital.

Geography Edit



Citadel:The greatest city of Avallone. Situated within the center of the nation, Citadel is the political capital city. Human merchants are allowed to trade here and the city has been and is a busy centre of international trade since the beginning of Azalea's reign. Home to several thousand individuals the fortress city is guarded by 50,000 strong Black Guards besides sporting mighty walls and numerous defenses.


Kar-Haran: Is a hot and desert continent that resembles the ancient cities of mesopotamia it is located near east of Kazak and south of Citadek. Its plains are barren and windswept expanses, broken only by jutting outcrops of rock and magic-stained rivers, their waters clean and crystal-clear, crisscross oasis, carving elaborate canyons and deep ravines in the sandy ground. Further North, the thin soil is more fertile, allowing sparse pine forests to grow. Here, the citizens have huge plantations to feed the cities.



Vatzum Isles: