Types of Creatures in the Realm of Avallone.


Revenants: Edit

RANK I.D Category Notes
E-E++ Dz-02 Lesser Daemon Winged and Horned creatures. Flame magic
E++- B Dz-03 Revenant Winged,armored creatures, Hellfire Magic
B Dz-04 Behemoth 18 feet Tall humanoid creature, Extremely Durable
B+-A++ Dz-05 Dreadnought 30 feet tall humanoid creature, Extremely Durable
A++ Dz-06 Infernal 15 feet tall humanoid, covered in hellfire
A++ Dz-07 Knaran Armored creatures,backbone of revenant armies
S Dz-08 Black-Guard Armored Creatures, Personal bodyguards

Undead: Edit

Undead creatures are highly resistant to basic weapons such as iron,steel,lead and wood, they are also resistant against piercing and slashing damage. Normally weak against silver and purifying weapons.

RANK I.D Category Notes
F-E+ Cy-02 Zombie Randomly reanimated corpse, Depends on corpses
E-E++ Cy-03 Reanimated Skeleton Reanimated Skeletons, May vary,depending on used bones
F-E++ Cy-04 Festering Corpse Corpses that are imbued with parasitic magecraft
C Cy-05 Gargoyles Voracious flying creatures who revel in slaughter and mayhem
C-B+ Cy-06 Greater Undead Undead Creatures normally created as the main backbone of undead legions
A-A+ Cy-06 Undead/Hollowed Knight Former Knights of glory and honor, now reanimated creatures of terror
A+-S Cy-07 Lich Ancient mages and necromancers.
S Cy-08 Undead Wyrm,Dragon Heavy flying creatures, Having great Resistance against magic and physical damage

Darkin Creatures: Edit

Beasts: Edit

Rank I.D Category Notes
E-B+ BsT-02 Natural Creatures Normal Creatures found in the wilds
F-B++ BsT-03 Undergrowth creatures Creatures found deep in underground covens
E-B+ Bst-04 Saurus Primeval Creatures, Mostly Carnivorous
C-A+ Bst-05 Lesser Drakes,Wyrms Elemental Breathing creatures
A++ Bst-06 Basilisk Creatures that can Petrify anyone with just their gaze.
B+-A++ Bst-07 Mythical Creatures Creatures of the myths and epics
F-A++ Bst-08 Feral berserk creatures of mayhem and carnage
S Bst-09 Dragon,Phantasmal Creatures of destruction
SS Bst-10 Phantasmal Beast Creatures created by natural energies and emotions of the living.

Demi-Human Edit

RANK i.D Category Note
F-C Dhn-02 Goblin
F-C++ Dhn-03 Orc
B+ Dhn-04 Minotaur
E-B+ Dhn-05 Ogre
E-B+ Dhn-06 Troll
B-A+ Dhn-07 Giant
E+-B+ Dhn-08 Beastman
E+-B+ Dhn-09 Lizardman
E+-B+ Dhn-10 Snakemen
C+-A+ Dhn-11 Naga
C+-B++ Dhn-12 Dranei
B++ Dhn-13 Felguard/Relic Guardian
E-S Dhn-14 Golem