FALCON- informally referred to as the "Wolfpack" - is an elite special task force responsible for sending elite squads of covert operatives employed by the Citadel, the paramilitary wing and sword of the blackguard.

The 1st deployment was concerned about the new verse they made contact with,  Initially deploying Asagami and the replica Serendine into the area with orders to recon,espionage and make relations to form a foothold of influence within the verse. The success to gain foothold placed Avallone in a precarious situation for if the world ever learned of their involvement in several destructions and recent killings, as well as their research existence as a extraterrestrial would almost certainly destroy their foothold of influence. To ensure Avallone's survival, Falcon operatives was charged with destroying all evidence that could encriminate them, including civilians and NG officers because any survivor was also an eye witness, and thus a potential threat to Avallone's existence in secrecy. At the same time, the NG sent a detachment of armed troops to confront the legions spawned by Falcon operatives and to ascertain the nature of a new organization's involvement in the current arcs. As a result, Avallone fought and killed numerous NG soldiers by invading kentucky and gaining a much powerful hold of their influence before shortly withdrawing.

The last known official deployment of the Falcon was recorded after the withdraw, when a small team lead by Salieri was assigned to transport a container to Alcatraz. The mission was controversial only having the words "NEGA", the Command Structure, did not reveal to the team exactly what was inside the crate - Salieri however was concerned over the danger of an unidentified package that could have put her and the rest of her unit in danger, With the optional mission to retrieve the Cybertronian subjects or the other children of the members of a specific guild the mission became quite complicated as they would certainly fight back and would put them into exposure.

Equipment and tactics Edit

The standard weapon used by FALCON operatives are firearms. Although they have been known to use other weapons such as swords and lances, with Salieri having her own special sword, which she nicknamed Agares despite the sword already have a name.Their vehicle pool includes Sedans,Humvees,Gen-15 Tanks, IFVs, Gunships and other helicopters, all in black..All of their vehicles are bought from the world government in which they bribed countless officials during the 1st deployment.

Wearing mostly black combat gear such as boots, protective vest, and fingerless gloves, with a Jet-black or urban colored full body monofilament "skin" that resembles a durable wetsuit, worn under their other equipment as the first layer of protection. with their other gear consisting of tactical vests, helmets, balaclavas, combat webbing and weapons depending on their specialty – anything ranging from the Gov. Issued Weapons to their own Armaments.

Operatives are tougher than their NG and government counterparts but are still weak opponents on their own and without their main commander. They normally have no trouble dealing with the weaker ranked enemies (A) as they are capable of killing them from a distance with their weapons they can be seen in 7 personnel squads.


1.) AN-78r: The 78r is an Full-automatic assault rifle that fires 14.5mm AMIE (Anti-Material initiated explosive) round, in that they explode once they hit a target, annihilating mostly anything within a few shots. But instead of it being incendiary, it carries a small load of white phosphorus, to burn away a target and negate any regeneration values.

2.) AN-78s: The 78s is a lightweight version of the 78r, despite firing only 9mm AMIE rounds it brings to the table menacing damage, a large ammo capacity, accuracy and a shockingly high rate of fire of 30 rounds per second.

3.) BR-45: A standard issue sidearm which has a good crowd control ability with the high RoF. Though it struggles with pierce, damage type as its basically firing basic lead ammunition and thus not really effective against most targets of the operatives.

4.) High-tension wires: Ultra high tension monofilament wires spooled around superconducting electromagnetic tip..these wires are capable of cutting almost everything physical and solid. moreover they can turn into melee weapons such as swords for the operatives to engage in melee fights.

5.) Vessels: Slayer arts also known as conceptual weapons, these knives are effective to be used against beings that have Divine or demonic traits. Normally these blades are imbued with A-class Divine,Demonic slayer element which makes it effective.

6.) ARONDLIGHT Armor Series: Advanced battlesuits used by FALCON operatives and some black guard units,

1st Gen "Liquid metal" is a type of liquid metal compound that is applied to early armor models, The Liquid metal allows it's user to change into any shape or form that it touches, provided that the object is of similar mass. Since the metal is made of liquid instead of solid metal, it is less durable than other solid metals, such as the Ceramic nanofibers, though it can reform and heal itself if it suffers any combat damage.
2nd Gen "ZN-V2M" ZN-v2M Duranium plating: Heavy plating along the chest, Head, Legs and forearms, This armor provides better protection against magical, Energy-based attacks while also having sufficient physical resistance, the armor of the reinforced areas are enough to withstand several hits from a S-class caster or Warrior. unlike the liquid metal it cannot heal any damage.
3-5th Gen "Zientler Series" This Series is the standard and mass produced armor of Avalonne as the earlier models are phased out, These features a ZN-7M Reactive Duranium Alloy: A flexible and lightweight material enabling the it's user to move at extremely high speeds. The 7M provides extreme resistances to damage as well as conducting field repairs even when in combat. It lowers the damage taken by using passive mimicking energies to provide a counter explosion against a offensive attack.
6th Gen "Mech-Juggernaut Series" One of the best defensive series this series features the Dimensional Barrier:, which absorbs all forms of matter as well as any type of energy and even light and radio-waves, along with electricity, kinetic energy, "pure energy", and virtually anything else. The light that the this armor absorbs, physically inhibits it from seeing what is in front of it. Therefore it has a unprotected area in the head as a vision port, It also features infrared vision and nightvision. This barrier does not protect the bottom of the feet either, because otherwise it would sink into the ground. Though it is not justified why it has no effect on air surrounding it. However, since air is a gas it is freely moving around in the atmosphere therefore it has little contact time with solids. It can be speculated there is a very small time delay before the shield annihilates matter it comes into contact with.
7th Gen "Zersphaiz Series" Zersphaiz-Class Armor D.R.A ( Dimensional Reactive Armor): A suit of tactical gear with a defense that consists of 3 layers the first layer is known as Duranium plating which is tougher than diamonds along with it’s innate resistance to energies magical,Astral and chaotic, The moment that a penetrator makes contact with the duranium plating it would act like a nervous system sending the data to the 2 layer  , The 2 Layer is known as SV-4s this layer acts as a counter to magical or projectile hits that manages to pierce through the first layer the SV-4s is comprised of passive energies that mimic the effects of the penetrator making it a perfect counter as produced by a penetrator. The counter-explosion of energies would disrupt the internal effects of the penetrator so that its momentum is distributed in all directions rather than towards the target, greatly diminishing its effectiveness.  And lastly the 3 layer Dimensional Barrier , which absorbs all forms of matter as well as any type of radiation, such as light and radio-waves, along with electricity, kinetic energy, "pure energy", and virtually anything else even organic beings. However lining of the 3 layer  that allows the Barrier to absorb, physically inhibits it from seeing what is in front of it. It can be speculated there is a very small time delay before the barrier-shield annihilates matter it comes into contact with. This gaps are easy to spot if the Armor is closely observed upon activation of the barrier. If the spot with the gap is damaged sufficiently, the barrier will temporarily deactivate (5 minutes).
8th Gen "Dioscuria Class" The Dioscuria class is identical to the zersphaiz while also recieving several upgrades, the upgrades are the relocation of the head weakness to the left waist and the imbuing the 1st and 2nd layers with liquid metal allowing the layers to reform and heal whenever it takes damage.