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Background: Edit

Salieri was created by the Witch-Queen of Avallone as one of her main servants suited to various purposes. Created from pure Athasia Energy along with a powerful dragon strain, she was one of the few Specifically created by Azalea herself as Avallone's time in the Physical realm starts to wither, Salieri will be the final creation with the objective to complete Azalea's unfinished business.

Appearance: Edit

A humanoid creation whose physical build, spiritual build, personality and Magical Energy were comparable to her creator. Her eyes resemble those from a feline. She didn’t have the precise and molded beauty of her creator, She possessed a beauty that scarcely felt real. In her battle mode, she can transform into her battle-dress with black armour woven from Magical Energy to enclose her. Due to using her blood as a catalyst to use her weapon, she is nearly always covered in bandages. She is usually seen wearing a commoner's clothes, and eyeglasses if she is outdoors. On the other hand, Asagami also wears the uniform of New genesis's medical corps, Moreover she is usually seen having a set of strange cards that resemble tarot cards though she claims that it is her hobby there's probably more than that.

Personality: Edit

Cold and unforgiving. Although conversing with her may give the impression that she is indecisive and somewhat boring, in reality she is always deep in thought and has a loyal heart. She gives an impression of being cold and cruel because she believes that most things and events are “normal”, and therefore she does not interfere. Due to this characteristic, she does not really have negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy. Because her behaviors target people’s “true nature that should not be put to words”, she is disliked by many. Moreover having infused with a dragon strain within her has a liking for destruction done to total completion, and that would include the destruction of the most powerful beings capable of harming her Master—the purpose of her life is to keep on killing whatever comes her way, until she uses up all her strength just to complete her objectives.