Tier Magic is the level of magic used by the normal citizens. Compared to modified types, Tier Magic can be classified as the basics and widely used by most inhabitants of the Avallone.

Overview Edit

Due to Avallone's vast structures that protect it specifically the Tower of Carron, which creates a vast magical maelstrom as a means to absorb all the excess magic within the realm and banish the entities which carries abilities and magic that doesnt exist from this plane of existence. Avallone is spanned by a network of Athasia-Runes — towering rune-carved structures that channel and redirect the Winds of Magic and energies. Each Tower collects the raw power of energies and directs it to an inward neighbour. Thus are the energies of the world inexorably drawn, like the waters of a whirlpool, to the Tower of Carron.

There the magic is drained from the world by the Great Tower, the last, and most brilliant, enchantment of Azalea. The Tower is centered on the great Citadel, the ancient memorial ground of the Nobles and royals. It is not a tower, but rather an archipelago of Rune-Towers whose arrangements are laid in symbols of mystical significance. These Towers vary greatly in size — some are scarcely a dozen feet tall and slim as an normal humanoid, whilst others are as tall as mountains and nearly a mile in girth. Without the latent energy contained within these Rune towers, the conjuration of the Tower would have been impossible. The Tower of Carron exists outside time, beyond the reach of the physical world — its black-robed guardians keep a grim watch to ensure it remains that way. If an intruder were to be allowed upon this Tower, he would find the Black Guards of old, caught like flies in amber, still chanting their ages-long spells to preserve the balance of the Realm.

Despite the Great Tower, energies has left its mark on Avallone. Strange lights flicker in the skies, beautiful voices dance upon the wind and waterfalls resonate with otherworldy music. Indeed, Avallone's entire being is now sustained by Energies.

Introduction Edit

In Avallone the ability to create magic has no limit, As long as the beings choose and learn from. Yet, even children are able to learn magic at a very young age, Most became practitioners of Magic, they also began crafting new spells and create unique combinations. Those spells are separated into four categories of spells:

  • Arcane: Magic that seems more western in nature.
  • Divine: Restorative or healing spells used by priests. Divine magic casters could, after using spells which enhanced their physical abilities, end up stronger than a half-baked warrior. 
  • Spiritual: Oriental magic using talismans or psychic spells. It seems more eastern in nature.
  • Alternative: Spells that fall outside of the other types of spells. The magic that the Knights used fell into this category. Knights typically cast spells in the form of blessings while Dark Knights use chaos infused spells.

Also, it is further divided into branches such as defensive-types, necromancy-types, elemental-types, physical enhancement-types, The mastery skill of the individuals will be their limit, for example 1 1st skill mastery allows the individual to rely on a single type.

List of Tiers Edit

Tier Mastery Description
0-1st Tier 1 0-1st Tier: For people possessing very little talent/ability. The magic that inexperienced people who have yet to learn/master the first Tier are said to be at this level-similar to apprentices and students. It is regarded the same as magic tricks or sleight of hand sort of things, and certainly even if they can be used one will not be called a magic caster. It is the tier of magic that can meet the needs for a simple tasks in life.
1st 1 1st Tier: The most common level of magic. Many practical magics are included in this tier. Anyone can use 1st-tier magic by training, though it takes too much time and effort for those without talent. Those capable of performing this tier can earn proper pay as a kind of special worker.
2nd 1 These are spells for those who have talent. It is the common goal of normal casters. Those who achieve this tier can earn a good income and reputation to the social systems.
3rd 1.5 Only the talented achieve this tier. 3rd tier casters are quite common to the capital and they were considered to be most likely a possible candidate in the Magic corps Adventurer at the very least
4th 2 The medium tier that  most skilled individuals have managed to reach by attending advanced magic academies. They can be considered as a special class.
5th 2 A tier that very few normal individuals have reached, among them are those employed within the magic corps, who are considered to be reserves of the army corps.
6th 2 The medium tier magic for very few and capable indivduals of Avallone that can so far achieve in reaching. It is said that casters who could cast 6th tier spells are taken in by Avallone's Onyx Guards or the Nobles as a Magic-advisor. (Common to court mages and teachers)
7th 2.5 The 1st high tier, Commonly seen in the talents of Nobles and lesser dreadlords these are very dangerous to a normal being and usually end up with disastrous consequences.
8th 3 Rumored by most individuals, it is the level of the Citadel's Black Guards which are commonly seen within the inner sanctum of the Citadel and special structures.
9th ? Considered as Invalid since the one's using these energies are mostly replicas created by the master of Avallone, The mastery skill of these individuals are beyond imagination of the normal beings
10th ? A tier that does not exist, As there are only 2 individuals who can use this tier namely Azalea and Belphegor. This tier was rumored to be able to construct such worlds.